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Real Estate 


At J. Stabholz & Co. we have a specialized real-estate department which handles a wide 

variety of real estate transactions, including acquisitions and sales, leasing, National 

Outline Plan (Tama) 38, evacuation and renewal plans, asset management, contractor 

and “combination” and joint venture-based transactions, land tax issues, litigation, 

project management and registration versus the various authorities. 


The attorneys at our firm have vast and comprehensive experience in representation 

and support of landowners, contractors, developers, tenants and potential buyers in 

Israel and throughout the world. The firm provides support and advice to large scope 

projects including construction of apartment buildings, houses, infrastructure work, 

malls and office buildings. Our firm also initiates and participates in real-estate ventures 

in Israel, Europe and in the United States. 


The firm specializes in supporting projects and realization of building rights within the 

frameworks of National Outline Plan (Tama) 38 and evacuation and renewal plans. The 

firm has supported and continues to successfully support tenants and developers in the 

area of urban renewal, National Outline Plan (Tama) 38, evacuation and renewal. The 

attorneys at our firm have vast experience in all issues relating to negotiations 

management with apartment owners and developers dealing in realization of National 

Outline Plan (Tama) 38 projects, and extensive professional knowledge of all relevant 

regulatory legal and commercial aspects of these transactions in the areas of property, 

planning, construction and taxation. 


The firm acts in conjunction with experts in the field of real estate, including architects, 

assessors, tax advisors, marketing agents, real-estate agents, contractors and more. 

These partnerships help us provide our clients with the best and most comprehensive 


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